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Experience the Magic before the Show

🌟🌿🛒 Calling all local producers and artisans! 🌾🧀🎨
Are you passionate about what you create? Do you have fresh, high-quality products to share with our community? Become a vendor at the Starlight Market and showcase your goods to a supportive and enthusiastic audience!
Join us every Fridays and Saturdays at Starlight Mountain Theatre in Garden Valley, ID and connect with customers who value locally sourced, handcrafted items. 
Our market starts on Memorial Day and runs through Labor Day!
Whether you grow organic produce, make delicious baked goods, craft unique jewelry, or offer specialty goods, our market is the perfect place to showcase your talents.
Benefits of becoming a vendor include:
1. Direct access to a loyal customer base seeking local, fresh products.
2. Opportunity to promote your brand and build relationships within the community.
3. Exposure to a diverse audience of market-goers interested in supporting small businesses.
4. A vibrant and welcoming market atmosphere where you can interact with customers and fellow vendors.
We welcome a variety of vendors who are committed to quality, sustainability, and community engagement. If you're ready to bring your products to a broader audience and be part of a thriving local market, we invite you to apply today!
Don't miss this chance to be a part of something special. Contact us at  Pay your $35 yearly due to become a vendor at the Starlight Market. Let's grow together! 🌱🍯🎁

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