Dearest family and friends, my shattered heart breaks for every one of you that loved this great man. After suffering a massive heart attack, Ed quietly slipped away Friday morning. I was snuggled next to him, and felt his damaged heart beating under my cheek, ever more slowly. There was no struggle, only peace. Thank you to each and every one of you that loved this giant among men. Ed’s love and influence has touched so many across the world, and I thank you for the unique piece each of you played in his story, and for the great joy you brought him.
Ed’s love for his family was paramount, and his extended family knew no bounds. Every young man and woman he ever taught, coached, directed, or simply “collected” meant the world to him. Every baby he snuggled was a joy to his heart. Every Starlight patron he greeted was a new friend. Every new actor became his family. His abounding love and friendship has been the cornerstone to so many lives. Our family is overwhelmed at the outpouring of love being posted on Eddy’s FB page. Please keep posting your wonderful memories! Not only do they help us, they will continue to inform Ed’s many young grand babies what an amazing man their Papa was! They will learn of him, story by story, and come to know and love the great man we all cherish. On behalf of the Davis Family, I thank you all for your love, your friendship, and your support. Thank you especially for your prayers - they are the strength by which we are able to get through this. And from my heart to yours, thank you for bringing such joy to this man who is my entire world. He loved you all so deeply - I hope you know that. And when sadness and grief come, just imagine that beautiful, amazing, incredible, sacred moment when Eddy opened his big arms wide, and our Lindy threw herself into his bear-hug embrace!! This is the picture I’ll keep in my heart, until I get to join them. Much love to you all!💖

Jan Davis, Artistic Director

Skye Davis, Assistant Artistic Director



Please donate if you are able to. 100% of profits will go to a special medical fund for the family in this tough time.

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Also a GoFundMe has been set up to help with medical expenses for the family.

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