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R. Ed Davis, lovingly known as “Eddy” by friends and family, is best remembered for his two great loves – people, and theatre. Eddy’s hugs were legend, as was the heart behind them, and it is Eddy’s great heart that is the foundation of Starlight Mountain Theatre.


As a Director, Eddy’s vision, skill, patience, and encouragement allowed him to draw the very best out of each performer. But Eddy was much more than a Director - he was a friend, confidante, mentor, and father figure. Everyone felt included. Everyone felt his love.


That same affection also extended to the wonderful patrons that filled the theatre each night. Eddy was always out front to greet arriving guests, getting to know new faces, and enjoying reunions with returning friends. He genuinely meant it when he told audience members each night that they were now part of the “Starlight Family!” He created the #1 Rule for the theatre – to have FUN! And no one had more fun with the audience than Eddy. He wanted every show to be the best performance ever, because he felt that every patron deserved the best!


Because of Eddy, Starlight is unique in the world of theatre; the spirit, energy, and atmosphere he created are unmatched. An evening at Starlight Mountain Theatre is more than just a great show. It is an amazing experience!


We are incredibly grateful for the love and support we have felt from you, our patrons, as we move forward. Eddy’s spirit can be felt everywhere at Starlight – from the stage he designed and built with his own hands, to the very walls he planted to surround this magical place that is filled with the warm memories he left behind.


Through Starlight, Eddy created an amazing legacy for us all, a legacy of joy, laughter, family, and love. “Eddy’s Angels” was created to help ensure that his legacy lives on for generations to come. Every donation to the R. Ed Davis Legacy Fund goes directly towards the building and maintenance of the theatre, costumes, sets, mics, lights, and equipment. Every donation helps keep Eddy’s legacy alive. We invite you to share the passion, share the excitement, share the laughter, and share the love that’s waiting here at Starlight Mountain Theatre. Please join us, and become one of Eddy’s Angels today.


Much Love,


Jan Davis - Starlight Founder, and Managing Director

Skye Davis - Artistic Director

These donations go directly to the R. Ed Davis Legacy Fund, which is used for the construction and maintenance of Starlight Mountain Theatre, Microphones, Tech Equipment, Lighting Equipment, Set Design Pieces, Props, and Costumes. 

*Starlight Family:      $1 - $49

*Friend of Starlight:  $50 -$99

*Starlight Supporter:$100 - $249

*Starlight Patron:     $250 - $499

*Starlight Builder:    $500 - $999

*Starlight Partner:   $1000 - $4,999

*Starlight Backer:    $5,000 - $9,999

*Starlight Benefactor: $10,000+

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