Meet The Actors

Ben Knight

This is Ben’s first summer on the mountain side, and he couldn’t be more excited! Originally

from Amarillo, TX, he went on to study at Baylor University and graduated in May with a BFA in

Theatre Performance concentrating in Musical Theatre, minoring in Business Administration.

His favorite credits include John the Baptist in Godspell, Ken in Red, and Lumière in Beauty and

the Beast. In the fall, Ben is headed to NYU to attend Steinhardt’s masters of Vocal

Performance/Vocal Pedagogy concentrating in Musical Theatre. He’d like to thank the Davis

family for this amazing opportunity, Jason Crespin and Suzanne Hewitt for introducing him to

the magic of theatre, Steven Pounders, DeAnna Toten Beard, and David Jortner for their

endless wisdom, his family for their unconditional support, Sara Beth for her unwavering belief in him, and God for his faithfulness.

Jordan Shuck

Jordan Shuck is enjoying his 11th season here on the Starlight stage. Jordy loves singing, dancing, shooting, running hurdles, watching MASH, and spending time with his girlfriend Maile. He is excited to be spending another summer here at Starlight with friends and family he loves dearly. After this summer he will be serving a mission for The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints. His favorite roles include the Dentist in Little Shop of Horrors, Aladdin in Aladdin Jr., and Racetrack in Newsies. His new business venture is The Showstopper Grill. Step in and ask for a “ Jordy Special” AKA… Anything with bacon added and all dairy products removed. He would like to thank you for coming to Starlight and hopes you Enjoy the show. :)

Becca Mighell

Becca is thrilled to be joining the Starlight family again this year! Originally from Dallas, Texas, Becca is a 2019 graduate of the School of Drama at The University of Oklahoma. Her favorite credits include: Shrek the Musical (Starlight Mountain Theatre), Best Foot Forward (Tour and original cast- Creede Repertory Theatre), Crazy For You ( Peach State Summer Theatre), Sense and Sensibility ( Oklahoma Shakespeare), Sleeping Beauty ( Prairie Fire Children’s Theatre), The Little Mermaid ( Le Theatre De Marionette), My Fair Lady ( Garland Summer Musicals), Little Women ( Dallas Children’s Theater), and Hairspray (Sooner Theatre). A Disney fanatic, professional voiceover artist, dog-lover, and debatably proficient ukulele player, Becca also has a passion for teaching and shaping the next generation of theatre artists. Many thanks to family, coaches, her pet fish Bubbles, and God. 


Alec Foote

Hello! My name is Alec Foote and I'm cast in four shows this summer! I'm going to be in Seven Brides, Mary Poppins, Singin' in the Rain, and Sugar. I am graduating this year and going straight up to starlight after I graduate. I live in fruitland and have been going to fruitland schools from kindergarten all the way up until senior year! The arts and music have always been a huge part of my life and has always been my outlet. I also did marching band and was in drumline throughout high school. I've been doing musical theatre since 5th grade and i found out about starlight from my director who has done starlight shows in the past and recommended it to me. I'm nervous to go into something like this straight after graduation, but I'm so excited to join the starlight family.

Ammon Jenkins

Hey everyone, Ammon here! Hailing from the far off land of Fargo, North Dakota, yet remaining somewhere in between the Boise and Utah area in the meantime, I’m truly excited to join a stellar cast and crew for another season! I’ve been performing at Starlight for the past 4 years in various roles throughout past seasons such as Scuttle, the Tin-Man, and in other shows such as Grease and The Scarlet Pimpernel. As an avid film and art enjoyer, I can also be found performing outside of Starlight or just simply enjoying the great outdoors. I’m incredibly grateful to be able to bring these shows to an audience this season. I hope that all those who visit Starlight are able to enjoy the people on stage and take the stories with them even after the curtain falls.

Jelani Bell

Jelani Bell is a recent graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre with an Acting Concentration and Minor in Dance from Greensboro College in Greensboro North Carolina; he just moved to Idaho! On the college stage he has performed roles such as Pepper in Mamma Mia,Malcolm X in The Meeting, and Rocky in The Rocky Horror Show. Professionally, Jelani has performed as the Lead Eagle Dancer at Unto These Hills in Cherokee, NC. He’s so happy to return for his second season at Starlight. :)  

Brad Motyer

Brad has played many roles in his life (collegiate athlete, swim coach, fruit snack addict), but has always harbored a secret passion for acting. As a Boise native, one of the highlights of his summers was watching his friends perform on the Starlight stage. He made his Starlight debut last summer, and is beyond excited that they let him come back!

Houston Nye

Hi! I'm Houston Nye (@eggfinity on instagram wink wink nudge nudge) and this is my second year up at Starlight! I'm from the far off land of Meridian Idaho and I'm super excited for all the shows this season! I can't wait to show you all the work we've put into these shows!

Skye Davis

Skye has always loved attention and the outdoors, so what better place for him to be than at an outdoor theatre? He is humbled to be stepping into his father’s shoes, but so grateful for all your love and support. He would like to thank his wife, Michelle, because without her Starlight would fall apart.


Michelle Davis

Michelle would like to express her gratitude. First, to her husband, Skye, for sharing her passion for Starlight. Second, to her parents for always supporting her and helping whenever possible. Third, to her three wonderful children that teach her patience and inspire her. Lastly, to all of you for taking time out of your lifes to come see a show

Tacoma Kelly

Tacoma Kelly- Tacoma is super excited to be joining the actors again this summer. He has lived in Garden Valley his whole life. When Tacoma is not performing, he can be found playing sports, riding motorcycles, and hanging out with the Davis family. He can’t wait to meet you this summer!

Quinten Loveland

Quinten Loveland is currently studying Technical and Musical Theater at Western Wyoming. He was last seen as Friar Laurence in "Romeo and Juliet" and The Pirate King in "Pirates of Penzance", both at Western Wyoming. Quinten grew up in Nampa Idaho and has been preforming in the valley all his life. When he is not on stage he loves to build, paint, and play his saxophone.

Ashlyn Loveland

Ashlyn is from Nampa Idaho. She is studying Musical Theatre at Western Wyoming Community College. Ashlyn's  most recent shows that she as been in are, Romeo and Juliet ( as Benvolio), Pirates of Penzance (as Kate), The Scarlet Pimpernel ( as chorus), Footloose (as Wendy Jo), Peter and the Star Catcher ( as Prentiss), and She Loves Me! ( as Ilona Ritter).

Audrey Whiteley

This is Audrey’s 6th summer with Starlight Mountain Theatre. She’s 23 and enjoys pretty much anything the outdoors has to offer. She loves painting, reading, listening to all kinds of music, and spending quality time with her friends and family. Her future plans include hopefully a lot of traveling, building a career (whatever that may be) and maybe even finding Mr. Right. ;) Audrey wants to thank you all for being here and supporting her favorite place. She’s grown a lot on this stage and is forever grateful for this theater and second family she’s gained through the years. Enjoy the show

Paige Hensel

AIGE HENSEL is a sixteen year old at Idaho Arts Charter School. She is currently living in Nampa, Idaho. You will recognize her from the 2020 season in her many roles specifically Teen Fiona in Shrek the Musical. This year she is most excited for her role as Alice in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. She looks forward to meeting “you” her new friends.

Sara Beth Dowell

Sara Beth is so excited to make her debut on the Starlight stage! Some of her favorite credits include: Urinetown (Little Sally), The Last Match (Mallory Porter), Big Fish (The Witch), and Anything Goes (Mrs. Harcourt). She was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas, and has gone on to study Theatre Performance with a Musical Theatre Concentration at Baylor University. She will graduate in December 2021 (Sic ‘Em Bears!)! She would like to thank the Starlight Family, her professors, her family, Ben, and God.

Cory Kelly

Cory Kelly moved to Garden Valley in the spring 2000 to help Ed build his dream of Starlight Mountain Theatre. Ed had been a lifelong friend for Cory casting him in his first role as Joseph when he was only 8 years old. Opening Season, he would be cast as Joseph again along with many more exciting roles. Cory fell in love with Starlight and the beautiful mountain of Idaho and made up his mind that next time he went to town he would get himself a bride… Just like Adam Pontipee, a role he has played a couple times on the Starlight stage! By the way Cory has 6 brothers!! Cory married Heather, a native of Garden Valley and they started their family. They now have 5 sons and YES they tried for a GIRL!! Cory is excited to be a part of Starlight and Ed’s Legacy. He’s excited to be in the cast as brother with his son Tacoma!

Ethan Whiting

Ethan Whiting is excited to be acting in Starlight for the first time this season! Ethan has played a variety of roles in the past, including playing the title character in his school's production of Aladdin. In his free time he enjoys playing saxophone, backpacking, and spending time with his family. 

Joseph Hollist

Hi, I am Joseph Hollist.  I am from Garden Valley, Idaho.  I enjoy playing legos and doing lightsaber dueling with my brothers.  I love theatre because I love to act and sing.  I also really enjoy dancing and memorizing lines.  I have attended Starlight’s kids camp for the past 5 years. I was in Starlight’s Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  I was also Chip in Beauty and the Beast.  I am super excited to be in Mary Poppins this year.

Lance Waltman

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Landon Loveland

Landon Loveland is so excited to join Starlight on stage this summer as Michael Banks. Landon has been on the musical theatre stage since he was a toddler. His stage credits include Tiny Tim in “A Christmas Carol, the Musical”, Oliver in “Oliver!”, Nigel in “Matilda”, and Gavroche in “Les Miserables.” Landon loves playing the Trumpet and riding his bike. He has been a member of the Opera Idaho Children’s Choruses in Boise since he was 5 years old.

Max Hollist

Hi, I am Max Hollist.  I am from Garden Valley, Idaho.  I enjoy legos and I am a big Star Wars fan. I also enjoy baseball, basketball, track, cross country and sword and staff spinning.  I love theatre because it is fun to act and sing. My favorite show I have been in was a school production of Beauty and the Beast where I played LeFou.  I have been in Starlight’s Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and Beauty and the Beast.

Miles Hollist

Hi, my name is Miles Hollist.  I am from Garden Valley, Idaho.  I love theatre because I like dancing and singing.  I have attended Starlight’s kids camp for the past 5 years.  I was in Starlight’s Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  I was also in Beauty and the Beast and was the Young Shrek in Shrek. I am excited to be in Mary Poppins and for the whole Starlight Season.  


Michael Plyer

Hello to everyone! It is my pleasure to be a part of Starlight Mountain Theatre and playing the part of a dirty old man in Sugar. Now my wife said that I do not even need to practice hard for this role, she thinks I am a real charmer.  It is the old hippie in me.  I just love these kids who perform here at Starlight. This is my 7th year at Starlight as a Physical Rehabilitation Therapist, helping the actors when they become injured, or just pain management maintenance. Outside of last year, when I did a closing night bit, (3 blind mice) in Shrek, this is my first official call to the stage. Both Darla (my wife) and I love the Davis family and are happy to help them in any way. We are also happy to be owners in Showstopper Grill. 

Live Well,

Doc aka Gawka

Radlee Kelly

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Randy Thompson

I was born and raised in Cochran, GA. I met the Davis family when they moved to GA in the 1990’s. Ed and I became instant friends and our families developed a mutual love for each other. We consider ourselves family rather than friends. I am retired from GEICO Insurance Company & am currently enjoying a second career as a high school teacher and coach. I have always had a love for the theater and acted in various productions in High School and at Middle GA College in the 1980’s. I had the wonderful opportunity to play the Preacher in Seven Brides when Ed put it on at Middle GA College in 1998. Last season as Coach Bolton in HS Musical was my first time on stage since 1998. I am the husband of the enchanting & beautiful Lori and we’re proud parents of Richard, Ross & Loran and grandparents of Lena & Kade. We love spending our summers in beautiful Garden Valley.

Ryder Davis

Ryder is so excited to be reprising his role as Chainsaw in Sugar. When he is not performing at Starlight, Ryder loves to jump on the trampoline, ride his bike, play superheroes, and race anyone that he can.


Steve Price

Greetings Starlighters! My wife (Mayola) and I are the Camp Hosts of Starlight Mountain Theatre Camp Ground. We are honored to be a part of the Davis Family and we vow to work hard to make Starlight a pleasurable experience. In my professional life I am an Escalation Engineer for NetApp. When I am not working, I am a jewelry maker, scuba diver and a full time goofball. My wife and I just love Starlight and we hope your visit will be a memorable one. This is my debut on the stage playing the part of a millionaire in Sugar except for a brief night as Blind Mouse last year closing night. Until then we will see you on the camp ground or at the Farmers Market at my jewelry booth.

Todd Rich

Todd Rich:

Todd is excited to supplement his summer with another series of Starlight shows. This will be the sixth summer being involved with Starlight Mountain Theater; enjoying new friendships, making new memories with old friends, floating the river, acting on stage, and indulging in a little backstage cobbler cooking.  The break from Boise which Starlight brings, brings out the best and brightest of Todd’s personalities.  Having consistently performed in front of crowds while in high school and college, Todd certainly cherishes the outlet of being able to continue the theatrics and entertaining guests

Tony Shuck

I’m very grateful to be back on the Starlight stage! After being away since 2015, it’s good to be back. A lot has happened since then. My wife, Sarah and I have added 3 sweet girls to our family. Emma, Abby, and Lucy. While away, I’ve been working mostly as a welder/fabricator, but in 2019 I decided to chase a long-standing dream of audiobook narration. I’ve loved audiobooks since my first experience with them when I was 10. I had to ask myself if I was ok with it just being a dream the rest of my life, and I wasn’t. My narrator name is A. J. Shuck and you can find me at! One of the best examples in my life of chasing your dream is Ed Davis, and I want to dedicate this season to him. Thanks for helping me chase my dream, Ed. 

Amaize Boer

Hey! My name is Amaize Boer and I am excited to be back here doing what I love at the place I love most. I can’t wait to be on the stage again and snacking in the concession stand when I’m off stage. Fun fact for you: Michelle loves to be asked if she is my mom.

Celeste Hollist

Hey, I’m Celeste and I am 17 years old.  I have lived in Garden Valley for 5 years and love the mountains.  This is my 4th year at Starlight and I am so excited.  Besides singing and dancing, I enjoy painting, sketching, playing the piano and anything chocolate.  I hope you enjoy the show!

Emily Miller

This is Emily’s first summer here at Starlight. She is super excited to be here because this is her first time being in a musical or singing on a stage. She has been in a couple plays when she lived in Brazil. Other than being in theatre she is a collegiate athlete, aspiring physicians assistant, and fiancé to Brad Motyer.

Jackie Casdorph

Whether bringing Big River into her literature curriculum or working a grammar lesson into a choir rehearsal, Jackie is known for her ability to combine teaching and singing in every aspect of her life. Jackie’s children were her earliest students, and she shared her love of music by teaching them to sing rounds during long road trips. Throughout their youth, Jackie sought opportunities that would allow music to bring them together. Jackie directed performing groups and school musicals and performed with her family in local community productions. With her children grown, she has continued to teach and inspire others. Most recently, while volunteering her time at the Utah State Prison, she directed a men's choir as part of the Wasatch Music Education Program. This summer, she is performing Spitfire Grill on behalf of those men whose stories touched her life during her time there.

Karina Hoeger

Karina Hoeger fell in love with theatre from her first character role at age four, and she has been singing and dancing ever since. Now at age eleven, she has performed in over a dozen musicals with Meridian CUE Theatre and Treasure Valley Youth Theatre. Her favorite roles include Michael in Peter Pan Jr., Young Fiona in Shrek Jr., and Young Elsa in Frozen Jr. Offstage, Karina can be found glued to the piano, practicing gymnastics on any open spot of grass, or filming hilarious backyard video shorts with her four sisters. As an avid Starlight fan, she’s thrilled to be performing her first open air production on the Starlight stage as Jane in Mary Poppins.

Moesha Tanimato

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Sara Hollist

Hi everyone! My name is Sara (Joy!) Hollist and I will be turning 15 this summer.  My Starlight experience started with seeing South Pacific way back in 2013.  Since then, I have spent 4 amazing summers doing Starlight shows and Youth Theater Camps. Besides Starlight, I enjoy anything and everything from Honor Band, to placing at International Engineering competitions, to lightsaber dueling with my 3 brothers.  I love spending time with my family of seven, painting to my heart’s content, and cozying up to the fireplace with a good book.

Savannah Hardy

Savannah is originally from Cheyenne Wyoming and did musicals there when she was young. She then attended Brigham Young University in Idaho and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music studying voice, as well as a minor in dance. While she was at BYU she met her husband while auditioning for the touring dance team. While in college she performed the lead opera roles of Juliette in Juliette et Romèo, Marie in La Fille du Régiment, Adele in Die Fledermaus, Laetitia in The Old Maid and the Thief, and Micaëla in Carmen. Savannah now has twin toddlers and is excited to start performing again

Scarlett Davis

Letty loves to sing, dance, paint, and play dress-up, but that doesn’t stop her from getting dirty. She can usually be found running around in a princess dress and bare feet. She also loves putting on impromptu performances, particularly of songs from Frozen.

Kaleah Ross

Kaleah loves theatre and singing. Every summer she comes up to Starlight and watches the shows. Her favorite show is Legally Blonde. She even told her mom that she wants to be Elle when she grew up and joined the theatre. She didn’t realize she would be a part of Starlight so soon. Kaleah also loves to read and run. She likes to read fantasy books because they put her in a world to which she can escape. (Which she knows is cringe, but it’s true!) She also plays volleyball and loves math! One of her favorite things to do when she’s bored is to write an impossible, algebraic equation and try to solve it; even though she’s never able to do it.


Chantele Hensel

CHANTELE HENSEL is a proud mother of three amazing young men and one daughter who is on stage at Starlight Mountain Theatre this season- Paige. Chantele is the owner and publisher of the Caldwell Perspective Newspaper in Caldwell, Idaho and works for Dakan Funeral Chapel. Crouch was a staple in her and her husband, Michael’s love story and she jumped at the opportunity to spend time in the community. She is excited to bring the characters to life through costuming and looks forward to many years with her Starlight Mountain Theatre family. 

Crissie Fields

After a 28 year absence from the stage, I am delighted to say that I’m now a second year veteran here at Starlight.  Which is weird because I’m obviously 29.  

I am ecstatic to be working alongside my two daughters and the many talented performers and crew members who grace the theatre this summer.  

As a child, I dreamed of singing and dancing under the bright lights of Broadway; As an adult, I have come to know wholeheartedly that performing under the beautiful mountain skies is the dream.  “Follow your star - you’ll find home”.

I’d like to thank Eddy for his matchless encouragement and faith in my ability to eventually retain my lines, Randy for being my emotional support actor, the Davis Family for their incredible vision and commitment to the dream that is musical theatre in the mountains, the Garden Valley high school basketball team for being STATE CHAMPIONS, my five children for always be willing to show up and say that I’m their favorite actress, my sister for unashamedly ugly crying with pride when she reads this, Jason (because he will ask why I didn’t mention him and I don’t want to give him the satisfaction) and most importantly, my husband of 26 years, Scott, who watches each and every performance and emphatically believes that each night is the best.

Decker Hinckley

Hello everyone, Decker here. I’m excited to be back for my second summer here at Starlight. Playing Shrek last summer was such a blast, but I’m so excited to get a chance to build my resume by helping with the technical side of things this year. I’ve been keeping busy this winter teaching voice lessons to over 30 students and getting ready to build a Youtube page; But I am really looking forward to a summer in the mountain air with the love of my life Jewels and our two fur babies, Sirius and Tiana. Thank you for accepting me into the Starlight family, Eddy. I am honored to be a part of your dream.

Jan Davis

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Jewels Hinckley

Hello Starlight Family! I’m back! Who would have thought that I would still be here 8 years after my first summer. But Eddy took a chance on me and I’m so grateful to him. This place has changed me for the better and I’m so honored to have the opportunity to come perform on this stage again working alongside my HUSBAND as well. Married life has been amazing and having a supportive partner who loves Starlight as much as me makes it that much better. Decker and I have been waiting all winter to be up here and spend the summer with you all. And with that being said; Thank you all for coming and welcome home! 

Kea Loveland

Kea Loveland is a Drama Teacher at Nampa High School and has a Masters in Secondary Education from Grand Canyon University and a Bachelors in Theatre from Boise State. Kea has been performing and costume designing shows throughout the Treasure Valley for over 25 years. Her costuming credits range from "Les Miserables" to "She Loves Me." Kea has performed lead roles in various productions including "CATS", "Gypsy", and "White Christmas." Her most recent performances were Ursula in Disney's "Little Mermaid" and Rosie in "Mamma Mia." Kea found a home in the mountains at Starlight last summer making costumes and is beyond excited to be performing on the Starlight Stage and sewing and designing again this summer.

Lina Shuck

I am super excited for my second season here at Starlight. This year I am the Stage Manager for all the productions. I am so excited to work with Skye and Jan to help put on these amazing shows. Ryan Shuck ( my husband) and I celebrated our one year anniversary this year and can’t wait to share many more. Ryan does all the sound and lighting for all Starlight Productions. I am so thankful for this opportunity and I can’t wait for you to see these amazing shows.

Marnie Thompson

Marnie Kelley Thompson is thrilled to be returning to her Starlight family this year! Marnie was one of the original cast members from our very first season. She was a core actor from 2000-2006 and has loved returning the last few summers to share in the Alumni shows. Last summer, Marnie and her family moved back to Idaho and couldn’t be happier! Some of her favorite roles included ‘Louise’ in “ Always Patsy Cline”, the ‘Narrator’ in “ Joseph and Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”, and ‘ Milly’ in “ Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”. Marnie is honored to direct 7 Brides for 7 brothers. She can also be seen later this summer as ‘Effy’ in “The Spitfire Grill”. Marnie is so grateful for the opportunity to be back and make new memories with her own family on the Starlight Stage!

Ryan Shuck

Hey Everybody! First off I want to say thank you for coming and supporting Starlight! I have been a part of Starlight for over 10 years and it has been amazing to see the audience grow and transform into what is often a sold out show! Last year I got married to the love of my life, Lina, and she too quickly fell in love with Starlight and I'm really excited to be here with her again! It's fun to be sharing my love for theatre with all of you and that I get to do that with the people I love as well! Now it's time, relax, let yourself forget about life, and enjoy the show!

Jake Cutler

Hello, I am the owner of Power By Jake.  I enjoy riding dirt bikes and hanging out in the mountains. I have been working with Starlight Mountain Theatre, in a behind the scenes roll, on the power for the shows. This year I am excited to be joining the cast of Spitfire Grill. If you need any electrical work done in the area please feel free to come by and catch a show and we can chat about your projects.

Angie Anderson

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Darren & Valerie Shuck

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Emmaline Fields

Emmeline is pleased to be joining the Starlight crew this summer as the Assistant Stage Manager.She brings many years of experience to the job, despite her young age, as she has essentially been “ruling the roost” since birth.Emmie’s hobbies include art of all mediums, staying up too late, music, riding in the car with her head out the window, being online more than her parents allow, fixing healthy meals, spending time with her big sister Sara Jane, worrying about the future and bossing around her three older brothers, Austin, Corban and Hudson.She fiercely and relentlessly champions diversity, has a deep passion for politics and social issues and is devoted to animals.This fall, Emmeline will be a Sophomore at Garden Valley School.